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Our team was asked to reimagine the existing user flows and user interface of an existing retail mobile banking application as a introductory engagement with a client. As the project lead, I set internal project deadlines, prioritized application features, and managed client deliverables while collaborating with another UX Designer.

The Mobile Banking Landscape

While the original scope of our engagement only included enhancing existing application flows and features, we dedicated time for evaluating the competitive landscape and auditing the current state app in detail to ensure we could create an intuitive experience for users with the mobile banking features that matter most to them.

We conducted a short survey and asked users to identify the 3 mobile banking features most useful to them.

Based on our research findings and the current features of the application, we prioritized several significant improvements to the information architecture of the existing user flows.

The current state application map on the left, with revisions on the right. (Click to expand)

Some of the larger changes we intended to make to the existing features included:

  • Providing immediate access to account balance in an unauthenticated user state through an Account Preview feature
  • Consolidating all account balances into a single dashboard where you can see the big picture of your finances at a glance
  • Unifying the transfer and payment user flows

Simplifying the Transfer & Payment Experience

Our initial sketches and prototypes lead us towards a completely unified experience for transfers, payments, and paying another person. We imagined a single flow under the moniker "Move Money", relying heavily on dependencies to take the mental burden off of users.

Early whiteboard sketches while exploring the "Move Money" flow.

Due to the technology constraints of the banking platform and feedback from users, we decided to tailor our initial proposed experience. While "Move Money" was put on hold, our exploration led us to an idea for a single view flow within each transfer or payment type that would help users complete the respective tasks with as little effort as possible (detailed below).

User flow and interaction notes for a single view controller transfer flow. (Click to expand)

Exploring with High-Fidelity Prototypes

After creating a click-through prototype and revising user flows for the rest of the applciation, we moved into UI design and high-fidelity prototyping to further refine and prepare for development.

A rough prototype showing the first steps of a New Transfer flow. Link to prototype

You can view the New Transfer prototype here.

The prototype below showcases an account landing view. The UI direction we created focuses on layering and dimensionality to help enhance a user's spatial awareness within the app – account details for individual accounts are displayed over the current context of your account overview, rather than using a push segue to another view.

Account details are displayed over the context of account overview. Link to prototype

You can view the Account Overview prototype here.

Recent Work

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